Stratton’s Jewellery store presents a beautiful selection of fine jewellery from specialty designers found only in-store. Shopping at Stratton’s is a one-of-a-kind experience, with each showcase carefully curated to show off the artistry and uniqueness of each designer.

What is unique to Stratton’s? Exclusivity. One of kind jewellery that can only be found there often speaks to the sophisticated collector. The designers are award winning, and their craft is exceptional. One can feel as they are part of the in-crowd by the nature of rarity in ownership of a finally crafted piece that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Stratton’s was seeking a business portfolio website to showcase some of the creative work that the designers of Stratton’s create. It is a simple site that guides the user through a gallery of fine craftsmanship in jewellery. The emphasis of the site focus on macro photography of the jewellery to highlight the intricate and fine work. The previous logo of Stratton’s Jewellery seemed out of place with the new site, so a simple monogram in a new type face was developed. The simplicity of the monogram, has allowed it to become a graphic element now integral in the brand, used digitally and in print ads.

Stratton’s Jewellery, Canmore, Alberta
Brand Identity & Web Design
Damian Lamartine
RMV Creative Project Team
Kyle Kerpan
Damian Lamartine
Kate Barker
Scott Smith
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