Damian Lamartine
Art Director at RMV Publications ltd., Canmore Alberta, Canada. My passion for creativity is fuelled by my diverse interests in photography, illustration, painting, and typography. I conceptualize, create, and produce, and implement the design and production phases of a wide variety of print and web-based media projects including: design of publications, product photography, website design, advertisements, logo design and branding, as well as marketing and promotional material development, all primarily with tourism focused businesses. Currently I am responsible for five annual map publications, a bi-annual publication of WHERE Canadian Rockies, quarterly publication of WHERE Calgary, three regional annual dining guides and a monthly guide to real estate. On down time I enjoy focussing on personal and conceptual work where I am able to explore emotional landscapes of beauty perceived within, the reflection of ones art, a shared refuge in the calmness of observation and experience.
Artist Statement (Personal Work):
I am influenced by cosmology from antiquity, I get excited by written language, letter forms, symbols and mathematical proportions found within nature. I explore in my work these influences through painting and drawing as the spiritual in my art. As I work I am drawing upon my disciplines of graphic design, drawing and painting to create work primarily with acrylic paint, pen & ink, 
use of papers with texture and patterns by bringing them all together onto canvas to create harmonious compositions. My work tends to be angular with the subtle explorations of curvilinear elements sourced unconsciously from my love of typographic design. My art is intended to bring about a sense of calm when observed. This is a feeling at once personal but is ultimately shared, since there is a part in all of us that takes refuge in a sense of inner peace.
Bachelor of design at The Alberta College of Art Design (U of Arts) in 2006.

Art Director, RMV Publications Ltd. / RMV Creative, 2018 – Present. Publishing & Advertising Design for print & digital of several publications.
Freelance/Owner the Auspicious Type, 2016 – 2018. Primarily small business identity design and collateral.
Sr. Graphic Designer, Rocky Mountain Outlook 2016. Contract designer to redesign a local newspaper.
Sr. Graphic Designer, Alberta’s NDP. April – May 2015. Design of political collateral.
Sr. Package Designer, Rocky Mountain Soap Co., 2011 – March 2014. Identity & Package design.
Jr. Graphic Designer, Mosaic Studios, 2007 – February 2010. Print & Digital.

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