I’ve been a graphic designer since 2006 with an emphasis in print design. Whether designing for print or web my goal is to: create work that communicates harmonious beauty of form and function while engaging an audience in meeting or exceeding the expectations of a given project. In all my projects, I love a hands on approach, involving my self in the project from all levels, to learn and engage from team members around me and share my ideas on how to drive the project forward with inspiration and team leadership when required.  
Graphic design is a dialogue between designer, client and team members to bring forth creative ideas. I believe in such collaboration where the designer is part of the strategic thought process, where visual communication becomes part of the objective to presenting ideas simply and clearly.
Today I live and work in Alberta designing for friends, family, clients and various companies to challenge my self in growing in creative directions while remaining current to design and business trends in a diverse growing industry.
You can get in touch with me at: damian@damianlamartine.com

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